Heating and cooling homes is expensive, and the situation is expected to get worse as energy prices continue to rise. Furthermore, heating and cooling homes is one of the main factors behind greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

Quest Solar can help you reduce your reliance on fossil fuels by converting your heating and cooling systems to run on solar energy. Imagine having a hybrid water heater that uses electricity and solar energy to heat your water. The water heater can fit in an attic or crawl space, so there is no need for expensive installation costs. And since it uses the sun’s free energy instead of electricity from the grid, you’ll save money on your electric bill every month.

We offer solar premium HVAC installations, and our service includes hybrid water heater installation, energy-efficient HVAC upgrades, mini-split AC unit conversions, and more. Our service also includes fast and efficient installations, so you can start saving money right away.

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