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    Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

    Partner with us for solar panel installations in Yonkers, NY or surrounding areas. You work hard to limit your energy use and keep your utility bills in check. But if you feel like you’re still paying too much for electricity, turn to Quest Solar for a better solution. Our local company offers solar panel installation and solar panel maintenance services in Yonkers, NY and the surrounding areas.

    Count on us to revamp your commercial or residential property with the latest solar technology. We also provide energy-efficient HVAC upgrades and roof repair services to prepare your building for the new solar grid. Get in touch today to schedule comprehensive solar installation services and energy storage systems. We’ll be happy to provide a free estimate.


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    When Your Building’s Energy Efficiency Slips, the Utility Bills Inevitably Start to Increase!
    Dealing with Recurring HVAC & Roofing Issues Can Be Frustrating!

    You Have Enough on Your Mind.
    You Shouldn’t Have to Worry About Your
    Next Utility Bill Too.

    Switch to Solar, Generate Your Own Clean Power & Enjoy All the Amazing Benefits! Quest Solar Inc.
    is the Top Choice in NYC & Westchester County for All Your Solar Needs!


    Gain Freedom
    from Electric Company

    Now you’re producing your own power and your bills will be lower too!


    Improve Your
    Property Value

    Homes equipped with solar energy systems tend to have higher property values and sell faster than non-solar homes.


    Help Create Jobs in
    Your Local Economy

    The solar industry is growing rapidly. Because solar-related jobs tend to be higher paying and cannot be outsourced, they are a significant contributor to the U.S. economy.



    Companies are quickly realizing the social and economic benefits of adopting solar power.


    Protect the

    Using solar energy helps you significantly reduce your carbon footprint.


    Cost is Not a

    Don't let cost get in the way of an improved living. Avail of our financing & equipment leasing options.


    We Won’t Turn You

    We’ll work on your home, even if you have standing violations.


    Money-Back Guarantee

    Satisfaction is our priority


    Licensed & Insured

    We’ve got your back


    20 Years In Business

    Experts are available

    We Know How It Feels to Pay Exorbitant Utility Bills Due to a Faulty HVAC, Old Roof, or Expensive Grid Electricity.

    Quest Solar Inc. Has the Knowledge and Expertise to Fulfill All Your Home’s Energy Needs!


    We have served over 150 clients in the past several years.


    We help clients with easy equipment financing and leasing solutions.


    We have served over 150 clients in the past several years.


    We help clients with easy equipment financing and leasing solutions.

    Get Premium Energy Efficiency Services
    in Just 5 Steps!


    Schedule a Free

    One of our solar consultants will come to your home and evaluate your solar needs. They will analyze your electric bill, explain how things work and financial incentives in NY state.



    Once we understand your specific needs, preferences, and particulars of your home our experienced PV design team will create a custom solar solution.



    Your dedicated coordinator will pull necessary permits for your solar installation. Once the permits are approved by the town, your coordinator will call you to schedule your solar installation and set up your solar incentive account.



    Our in-house team of experienced professional solar installers will install your system.


    Inspection &

    Quest Solar arranges and attends your local building dept inspectors. Your utility provider will swap out your electrical meter and give permission to operate (PTO) lastly, our solar commissioner will walk you through your monitoring system and turn on your solar array.

    Are You Ready to Go Solar?

    Contact us for a solar panel installation or solar panel maintenance in the Yonkers, NY area.


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      Frequently Asked Questions

      A: If you install a system with storage and enough power generation capacity, you can go off-grid and don’t need to pay for the energy bill.

      A: We offer a solid lifetime workmanship warranty.

      A: It is not mandatory but can be beneficial. Solar power battery storage works by storing energy in batteries that can be used to power devices or appliances when there is no sunlight available. Battery storage is used during a power outage or to reduce the energy that needs to be purchased from the grid.

      A: Maintenance on your air conditioner should be done at the end of winter or spring, while the heat pump or furnace should have maintenance done at the end of summer or fall.

      For the Greatest Energy Savings, You Need to Cover all the Bases, Including Your Roof, HVAC, Solar System & Energy Storage!
      NYC and Westchester County Residents Can Save Big with Quest Solar Inc’s Premium Quality Roofing, HVAC, & Solar Services!

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